The Day the Bacon Attacked

For those who don’t know, I work remotely for a Japan-based company called Delfi-Net.  Every day at 9am Japan time, we have Standup — a call to discuss what’s going on and for each team member to bring others up to speed with our various projects.  This is all normal and happy for most developer types.

I’ll also let you know that my family and I live on a small farm here in north Arkansas with a myriad of livestock and critters of all sorts.

I tell you those two things so I can tell you this….

During today’s Standup, my awesome wife thought it would be fun to bring a miniature potbelly piglet into my office and put it right next to my head.  Let’s just say this went over about as well as could be hoped.  Thankfully this entire exchange was recorded, and I get to present it for you here.


      Standup with Pig Surprise - 14 July 2015 - Bill Wheeler

Bill Wheeler

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