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Best Practice: Combining Strings

One of the most common tasks in programming is putting two or more bits of text together to form a single string. There are several ways you can do this, and everybody has their own preferred method. Here and there around the web I've read that style A is better than style B, etc. But what method is really the best? full article >>

Mass Inventory Update with MySQL

I recently did an import into a CubeCart store that wound up with over 109,000 products. The file from the supplier didn't include image URLs, but the images were named the same as the Product Code and in a folder named from the first two characters of that Code. So how to generate the file names? I could of course use write some custom PHP, but I like making MySQL do my dirty work. full article >>

Benchmarking PHP Code

In my last post, I demonstrated timing differences between several different array loops. I was then asked by a friend how I did the testing. So in this post, I'll show you the entire test script I put together so maybe you can use the ideas on your own to do some benchmarking. full article >>

Best Practice: Array Loops

If you've written much of anything in PHP, you've likely used a loop to process an array. Is there a right or wrong way to write one? Perhaps not. But is there a BEST way? It depends... full article >>

Easy cPanel Stats

If you use or administer a cPanel server, you probably know that you must be logged in to cPanel to view the output from the AWStats program. Well, if you'd like those stats to be viewed by others - like the boss, etc. - then you must grant them access. This can be VERY dangerous as you can imagine. Well I put together a handy script to show those stats without requiring they login. full article >>

Read the Manual

I've been coding PHP for several years now. Granted, I've learned a lot by taking apart other people's scripts and applications over the years, but there is still no substitute for reading the manual! full article >>

What is PHP Dreams?

My name is Bill "Sir William" Wheeler. I am a freelance web developer specializing in PHP & MySQL with a healthy amount of HTML, CSS & JavaScript (jQuery FTW!) thrown in for good measure. I put this site together to share my thoughts and findings with others. I hope to have something for novices and advanced programmers alike.

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